Marble Polishing Squad

Countertop Polishing & Restoration Service

Who doesn’t love a great kitchen? It’s the hub of many homes, where families gather to share meals and celebrations. But it takes more than just cooking skills to create a room that’s not only functional but also beautiful. Those who have invested in their countertops know they’re worth the investment because over time they will save you money on replacement costs as well as your sanity from scrubbing off stains and removing messes!
Marble Polishing Squad is a company that specializes in offering various services such as polishing and restoration for your marble countertops. Specializing in everything from polishing to cleaning/sealing, Marble Polishing Squad offers a wide range of refinishing options for your marble countertops. Our exclusive diamond finish effectively removes scratches, stains and other blemishes without harming or scratching your marble.

Countertop Polishing

Countertop Polishing is the process of using diamond pads to buff out scratches and scuffs on stone surfaces, leaving them looking like new. At Marble Polishing Squad, we use the most advanced machinery to ensure your countertops will shine like new. We can bring back that ‘wet look’ and return your counters to their sparkling, high polished finish.

Countertop Restoration

For commercial kitchens, we offer a custom-blended, long-lasting polyester resin blend which is built up in multiple coats and finished with a high gloss acrylic topcoat. In this process, we are able to completely resurface the surface of your counters, restoring them to their original shine. You can choose from a variety of colours or allow us to match an existing colour scheme.

Countertop Polishing & Restoration in Toronto

The right countertop polishing and restoration service will protect your investment and bring your counters back to life. So, if you want a resurfacing company that only uses the best equipment and practices, then look no further than Marble Polishing Squad!

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