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Etch marks & Water Marks Removal

Etch marks and water marks are two of the most frustrating stains to clean up. In fact, they can be found on many different types of surfaces from porcelain to glass. And you’re probably overwhelmed with questions on how to get rid of them. At Marble Polishing Squad, we offer to etch marks and water marks removal in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

What is the Cause of Etching and Water marks?

Etching and water marks are caused by a reaction that takes place between acidic food, or other materials high in acidity, and the calcium carbonate present in the marble. After it happens, you can’t stop it from continuing to damage your natural stone. Fortunately, there are ways to remove both etch marks and water marks promptly.

Understanding The Differences

Etch Marks

Etch marks are one of the worst forms of damage that can happen to your marble or limestone. It occurs when acidic foods come in contact with stone surfaces, leaving behind a sort of “etching” stain — making your stone look noticeably duller. Because it’s a type of damage, etch marks can only be removed with professional restoration.

Water Marks

Water marks are stains that happen when water gets trapped by minerals and other dissolved solids in the stone, causing them to leave behind darker spots as they evaporate. Water mark removal is slightly different than etch mark removal. However, both are caused by the same type of reaction between acidity and calcium carbonate present in the stone.

Our Removal Process

When repairing marble, the restoration process typically starts with light honing to remove etch marks. This can also be referred to as sandblasting or “sanding” the surface of your stone. After this, we’ll use our specialized sealer to protect your stone from potential future damage.
Facing an etched mark or water mark on a stone? Don’t panic. Call Marble Polishing Squad to remove unwanted etch marks and water marks in Toronto and the surrounding areas.
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