Marble Polishing Squad

Marble Polishing & Restoration

Marble flooring is one of the most elegant and attractive floors you can find. It’s also tough to maintain, which makes it a big headache for many people. How do you know how often to polish? And what products should you use on marble surfaces? The surface can be damaged by various factors including grease, dirt, acid or oil-based products. It is vital that these are removed before they have a chance to etch into the stone. You need to know how to restore the luster of your elegant marble flooring by carrying out regular maintenance with products designed for marble surfaces.

Marble Polishing

Marble polishing is the process of restoring the shine, luster and colour on marble surfaces. Marble surfaces can be damaged by various factors including grease, dirt, acid or oil-based products. The care and maintenance of your marble flooring will vary according to the stone type and porosity (surface pours) with some stones needing more protection than others.
At Marble Polishing Squad, we carry out marble polishing by using the latest equipment and products. One of our experienced contractors can offer advice on what service your floors require. We’ll restore, seal and freshen up the look of your flooring for you.

Marble Restoration

During the restoration process, we will remove scratches, etching or other blemishes from your marble flooring. We use a combination of polishing techniques and methods to achieve the best results. It’s important that you understand the restoration process before deciding whether it is right for you or not.
The restoration process will remove old sealers, re-polish the stone and apply a new sealer. The process is suitable for removing shallow surface scratches caused by high heels or floor buffers.

Simple Polish or Full Restoration?

The first step is an assessment of the extent of the damage. If you notice scratches, it may be time to take your marble flooring to a professional for full restoration. You can try to polish the surface by yourself but if scars are too deep or wide-spread, polishing might just make them more visible. On the other hand, you can try to go for marble polishing, which is often just about removing dirt and light scratches. If your flooring is not severely damaged, you may be able to save the shine of your marble flooring with a thorough polishing.
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